Steering and Brake Specialist

Francisco is Los Gatos Auto’s Suspension, Steering and Brake Specialist. He has been with Los Gatos Auto Service since 2011 and with 30+ years of experience, he’s the one you want to diagnose and repair any suspension, steering or brake problems. Francisco worked for IBM for 6 years, building computers, with focus on wiring, but after 6 years of doing the same thing, day after day, he got bored and decided to find a different line of work.  Francisco decided to start wrenching to see if it was a good fit for him. He found a job mounting and dismounting tires to get his foot in the door and a taste of the industry. After some time, he found that he was curious about everything beyond the tires and wanted to learn more. He learned as much as he could from his coworkers before attending trade school, allowing him to advance his career and become the specialist he is today. In his free time, Francisco enjoys outdoor activities with his son. They enjoy camping, fishing, and playing baseball.



European and Import Specialist

Jorge has been wrenching for 25+ years and is LGA’s European and Import Specialist with emphasis on electronics and wiring. Ever since he was a small child, Jorge has always loved cars. When he was in middle school, Jorge started helping his Uncle at his auto body repair shop. In the same building were a few repair shops and Jorge was quick to make friends. One day, he needed a ride home and one of his new friends offered, but told Jorge he’d have to wait so he could finish up some work. While he was waiting, his friend would ask for his help pulling parts and Jorge realized that he liked mechanical repair so much more than body work. He started working for his friend who took the time to train Jorge and answer any questions that he had. He learned a lot from his friend, but wanted to learn even more so he attended trade school and has been wrenching ever since. In his free time, Jorge enjoys working with his CB radios and electronics. He also enjoys running, biking, and hiking and spending time with his wife, son, and daughter.



Service Technician

Miguel is a Service Technician and one of our two Smog Technicians. He specializes in Domestic and Import vehicles as well as Air Conditioning. He’s been with the company for just shy of 7 years with just as much experience.Miguel started wrenching at a young age. His father had been a technician his whole life and owned a repair shop, so Miguel was often there watching cars get fixed. When he was old enough, Miguel’s father started to teach him how to perform oil changes among other basic tasks. After high school, Miguel completed the automotive training program through a local trade school and after completing that program, one of his instructors was able to land him a part-time job here at LGA, which allowed him to continue his automotive education at Evergreen College where he completed their automotive program.In his free time, Miguel is an adrenaline junkie and loves drifting at track events and riding his new motorcycle. He is also looking forward to continuing his education even further and getting some additional ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certificates under his belt.



Shop Manager and Service Advisor

My name is John and I’m the Shop Manager and Service Advisor at Los Gatos Auto. I’ve been with the company since 2006. When I was a kid, I was always into cars. As I got older, that love never went away and I thought that the industry would be a good place for me to start my career. I first worked in a parts department for a local distributor, then moved on to detailing vehicles at a Volkswagen dealership. After about a year and a half, I had worked my way up to valet, then greeter and finally, service advisor which I really enjoyed and just confirmed for me that I had picked the right career path. I really enjoy spending most of my time with my wife and daughter. If I’m not watching the Niners, Warriors or Giants, you’ll find me enjoying some delicious food and/or taking in a movie.



Service Advisor

My name is Lauren and I’ve been a Service Writer and Admin Specialist with LGA since June of 2017. I started in the industry in July 2016 when I started working for the repair shop that had serviced my own vehicle for two years. I was hired as their Office Manager, but a big part of my job was talking to customers on the phone and at the counter. I quickly found that this was the favorite part of my job, and truly why I wanted to work there in the first place. I had never received that level of customer service or felt that valued as a customer at any other repair shop and I was excited to provide that experience from the other side of the counter. It allowed me to help people, which is what I love doing. After nine months, I was informed that the owners were retiring and selling the building, but through the connections that I made, I found a wonderful home at Los Gatos Auto Service where I write service and manage the books. I enjoy traveling and adventuring with my husband (especially somewhere Disney) and spending time with friends and family.